The Classic White Shirt

Make sure you get the right fit. Choose one that is neither tight nor loose.

You can wear it with;
  • Jeans, 
  • Skirts, 
  • Shorts, 
  • Trousers, 
  • Leggings, 
  • Jeggings  

If you are wearing it with a trousers or skirts wear it tucked in, but when wearing it on skinny jeans or leggings has to be untucked.

How to Accessorize:
  • Add a statement necklace 
  • A long necklace 
  • A cuff 
  • Add a peter pan collar to your round neck shirt/blouse. 

Try to to be minimalistic with the jewellery, don't pile them on.

When wearing white and black, finish the look with red lipstick and a red clutch or bag. If you thinking of wearing a cardigan, opt for a v-neck shirt.

Look after your white Shirt
Tip: wash it in cold water, it allows the fabrics to retain its color and strength longer. Hot water tends to make clothes shrink, fade and wrinkle.

My Shoe Wish List

These are just a handful of pairs that are on my wishlist. Wish somebody could give me the money to go shopping or lend me their credit card for a day..(which will never happen in million years...but no harm in dreaming i guess)

My H&M Picks

Pencil lace Skirt £14.99 

Jacquard-Weave Top £19.99

Crochet Details Dress £14.99

Cardigan £7.99

Leather Imitation Clutch- £12.99

Necklace £7.99

*images from HM

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