Spikes and Tassles

Spike button detail top from Zara

Hurray, its Friday and i got paid (i think ) so i can spend. Actually, i cannot spend money. I need to save, save, save (need to keep repeating this word, so it stays in this peanut size brain of mine)

Stripes and Denim

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt and black and white striped tee

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt, black and white striped tee and Primark shoes

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt and Etro bag

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt, black and white striped tee, Primark shoes, etro bagrk shoes

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt, black and white striped tee and Primark shoes, etro bag

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt, black and white striped tee and Primark shoes, etro bag
His and Hers Denim (lol, such a coincidence)

Stripes and Denim-Next denim shirt and Tiffany Co bracelet

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. If you have read my previous post, you will know that the weather has been acting funny and it still continues, which is common and not surprising!!

When i was indoors, it was nice and sunny. As soon as i decided to go out, the rain came pouring down :(
Got all drenched. But i was determined not to give and continued with my journey.

I was given a Next gift card by my work colleague on my birthday (it's already over, but you can still wish me, lol). The surprising thing was the £200 that was on the card, yes Two Hundred Pounds. I couldn't believe it either. I think i nearly choked when the sales assistant told me that, even he was shocked.

I dont really shop at Next, I find things are bit pricy. The only items of clothing i like to purchase from Next are my Jeans and Trousers. Their size fits me perfectly and the quality is good as well. It lasts long like 6, 7 years. Apart from that, i hardly see myself shopping there.

Denim shirt and striped tee were purchased using my very precious gift card. I seriously wouldn't have paid the money i did. Let's see how long this two pieces lasts.

How did you spend the day? Did you buy anything today?

Denim Shirt - Next
Striped Tee - Next
Shoes - Primark (£3)
Bracelet - Tiffany Co
Belt - Forever 21

I Believe I Can Fly

I Believe I Can Fly - Birds flying freely into the cloudy sky - naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. Just one more day to go and it's the weekend, wooohooo!!!!

I Believe I Can Fly - Fallen Tree - naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk
 Look at the impact of the winds, poor tree was on the receiving end :(

The way the wind was blowing and making noises like a drum roll, I seriously believed that i was going to fly today. Every time the wind goes crazy and start acting funny, it scares the hell out of me. 
I remember once the wind was so strong that i actually had to grab a tree because i was not strong enough and the wind was taking me towards the road where i could see a bus approaching. I was like, God please help me, i dont want to die so young, lol. It was so embarrassing. I was literally hugging the tree (not a good sight).

The weather was too good today, got to experience all seasons in one day. That is a very rare sight. We do not have to wait for their respective months.
I read somewhere that half of our lives is spent just talking about the weather (that sounds so sad). 

Keep singing guys, i believe i can fly...........

DIY - Brush Holder

DIY Brush Holder -naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk
Hey guys, hope you all enjoying the weekend. Here is a quick DIY tip to recycle the plastic cans. Instead of throwing in the bin, why not re-use the tins or cans for different purpose.

DIY Brush Holder -naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk

Tools Needed

Tin - could use baked beans or hot dog tin (make sure you wash it well and dry it completely)
Paint Tubes / Colours - I'm using Acrylic paint tubes but you could nail polishes as well (one's that are lying around or the one's that you do not like)
Paint Brush - if you do not have a paint brush do not worry, you could use ear buds.

  • First step: Make sure that the tin you are using is clean and dry.
  • Second step: Start painting. I opted for a messy look. You can use just one colour or as many as you want. 
  • Third and Final step: is to let the paint or colour dry.

Once the colour has dried up, you can put the tin to us. You could put your paint brushes, or stationary like pens and pencils, use it for your make up brushes or even use it as a vase. 

DIY Brush Holder -naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk

DIY Brush Holder -naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk

DIY Brush Holder -naajronaslifestyle.blogspot.co.uk

I feel nice when i can find things in my house that can be recycled or can be used for multipurpose. Saves money and gives it a personal touch. Do you feel the same?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don't forget to visit naajronaslifestyle on Facebook

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