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DIY Lip Balm: How to Make Your Own Lip Balm

My Homemade Honey Tinted Lip Balm

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know that i had a Lip Balm disaster. I did not have time to buy a new one and the weather was getting increasingly cold leaving my lips chapped and cracked.  It was painful, so i decided to make the Lip Balm at home using the ingredients that were available. 

Let's get started...

Halloween DIY Nail Art

Halloween DIY Nail Art

Hey beautiful people. Thank you so much for your support on my last blog post means a lot to me. 

I am still the same but knowing that you guys are thinking of me gives me that extra boost to stay positive. Thank you so much.

To be honest, I am not a big Halloween fan. But, last couple of days everybody has been talking about Halloween. I thought i will give it a try at Nail Art.

DIY - Brush Holder

DIY Brush Holder
Hey guys, hope you all enjoying the weekend. Here is a quick DIY tip to recycle the plastic cans. Instead of throwing in the bin, why not re-use the tins or cans for different purpose.

DIY Brush Holder

Tools Needed

Tin - could use baked beans or hot dog tin (make sure you wash it well and dry it completely)
Paint Tubes / Colours - I'm using Acrylic paint tubes but you could nail polishes as well (one's that are lying around or the one's that you do not like)
Paint Brush - if you do not have a paint brush do not worry, you could use ear buds.

  • First step: Make sure that the tin you are using is clean and dry.
  • Second step: Start painting. I opted for a messy look. You can use just one colour or as many as you want. 
  • Third and Final step: is to let the paint or colour dry.

Once the colour has dried up, you can put the tin to us. You could put your paint brushes, or stationary like pens and pencils, use it for your make up brushes or even use it as a vase. 

DIY Brush Holder

DIY Brush Holder

DIY Brush Holder

I feel nice when i can find things in my house that can be recycled or can be used for multipurpose. Saves money and gives it a personal touch. Do you feel the same?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don't forget to visit naajronaslifestyle on Facebook

How to make a Polka Dot Cardigan

"Polka Dot Cardigan"

Hey guys, Happy Sunday!

It's s sad to hear about the innocent lives lost in the "Connecticut Shooting". May the innocent souls rest in peace.

Moving on to our DIY - today i will be showing you guys a quick and easy way on how to add "Polka Dots" to your plain cardigan or a jumper.

DIY - How to make a Elastic Bracelet

Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying the weekend!!! Thought I'll show you peeps how to make your own elastic - stretchy beaded bracelet.

Turn your old T-shirt into a Crop Top

Here's what you will need;
  • old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • safety pins
  • needle and thread
So the first step is to figure out whether you want it till your navel or just below the belly button.

Once you have done that, cut the piece into two halves

Now you need to sew the edges using a needle and a thread. Make sure to leave a small loop or hole on one side

Take the other half of the fabric, measure 2" (inches) and cut horizontally. You will have a long round loop. Cut one of the edge so you have a straight line. Tie to a safety pin and insert through one loop of your cropped top and take it out from the other end.


I've changed the neckline to V-shape and cut the sleeves as well.

DIY - How to make a Button Bracelet

Hey guys, hope u all are enjoying your weekend. My brother is flying to Malta this evening and he wanted me to make a bracelet for him and for myself as well :D
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