Thanksgiving Friday: What I Am Thankful For This Week

It's that day of the week, where we cannot contain our excitement and are in full swing to welcome the weekend. Happy "Thanksgiving Friday" everyone.

Malaysian Airlines MH370

Praying for passengers and crew on Malaysian Airline MH370

I have been travelling for the last 10 years and I am thankful that all these time I have safely landed. 

The plane has been missing for 3 days now and  nobody knows what happened.

I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for the friends and family members of the Malaysian Airlines passengers and crew members. Not knowing what happened and where their loved ones are, is the most traumatic thing one has to deal with.

I am still hopeful and praying for a miracle. Please, let us all keep them in our prayers and our thoughts.

I  Saw Peacocks 

Do you like Peacocks? When i was in Goa, a lot of people from my village saw these beautiful  and I always wished that I too will get the chance to see rather than just admiring them on TV. Unfortunately, that never happened and I forgot about them completely.

I went to Holland Park the other day and as I was walking around I saw 3 peacocks, can you believe it? I couldn't believe my eyes. 

However, there was a problem. They were far and I couldn't see them properly. I waited there for 15 minutes hoping they will come closer but they did not move from the place.

Then I saw 2 girls taking pictures of something. When I went closer to the area where the girls were taking pictures, this is what I saw;

Peacock Feather Fan

I was so happy, I cannot even explain. I actually sat on the floor and took as many pictures I could (to the extent where my camera battery died). I am definitely going back to see my peacock friend again :D

Remember The Girl 146

If you follow Michelle Phan, then you already know what i'm talking about. Love146 is a non-profit organisation which gives care to the survivors of human trafficking. Please watch the video and you will understand what I'm talking about.

Love 146
I am thankful and grateful that I am not the victim of human trafficking but there are so many innocent souls who are not so lucky. Please share the love, so we can together help put an end to this atrocity.

Write number 146, outline it with a heart and share it on your social media and don't forget to hashtag #Love146 #Remeberthegirl

Thank you so much for reading and I wish you all avery happy weekend. Don't forget to share your best moments from the week. Be safe and take care.


  1. I agree the plane missing to many day we have the technology now and we should be able to track it. I love peacocks they so beautiful. Enjoy your weekend doll.

    1. I really hope that they find the MH370 and its passengers and crew fast. Thanks Jackie xx

  2. It's so scary how that plane just seems to have vanished. I hope they find some answers soon!

    I'm not that big of a fan of Michelle Phan anymore. I used to be but she seems to have turn all airy fairy, like she is some princess in s a Disney or something! That campagne she is promote is a fab one though so she does get a few cool points back for that ;)

    Corinne x

    1. There must be some sort of explanation. It doesn't make sense. How can a plane just disappear without any trace?

      I don't like the fairy videos but i do like her and this is a very good cause she is supporting.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love reading posts like this! :)

  4. These are great reasons to be thankful. I am happy you point out things that people are likely to overlook so easily. Instead we just complain and complain about how tough life is.. but hardship and pain is relative.. and I'm a firm believer of trying to be positive/optimistic (nothing wrong with being a downer every now and then, but don't dwell in it). So, thank you for this post. It made me think about how fortunate we are!

    1. You are most welcome Natasja. The Thanksgiving Friday post is a constant reminded to myself that there are good things that happened to me. So, be thankful for them rather than spending time on the bad moments. xx

  5. I think that we all have to be optimistic, but what saddens me is that while we are being happy, many people aren't. I believe we should do whatever we can to help others. Thanks for sharing about Love 146. I didn't know that NGO.

    Jasmine xx
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

    1. And that is why, we should be thankful. The things we have, other's consider it a luxury but we just take it for granted.

      You are welcome Jasmine xx

  6. I always look forward to this post of yours, Naaj! I feel really blessed looking back to all my safe flights, it's just so crazy how the dangerous this world can be, I really wish they can find the Malaysian Airlines MH370 asap and hopefully nothing bad happened to the passengers.

    I saw Michelle Phan's video as well. It's so horrible to think that people can be that evil! Makes me more grateful about my situation. It's definitely an eye-opener.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Naaj! <3

    1. Aww...I'm so happy to hear that.

      It's been way too long and I desperately hope and pray that this missing saga comes to an end. There must be someone who can figure out what happened. What the families must be going through??

      I was watching a documentary the other day and I believe it was Mexico where they were shooting. There was this restaurant/bar and all men staring at women as if they have never seen one and one of them said oh, I feel like eating her. I couldn't believe it and his face all lit up when he said that.

      For goodness sake, you don't have the right to ruin somebody else's life :(

  7. my prayers goes to the missing plane and the family as well its so sad hearing the news.
    New outfit post hope you can share some insights about it. Thanks!

    keep in touch!


    1. Hope they find the missing plane and the people.

      I will check your blog soon, just caught up with some work lately xx

  8. Hi Naaj,
    I's so sad that the plane is still missing. It's been more than a week already, 10 days I think. I can't imagine how hard it must be for all the relatives of the missing people. The unknown of what has happened and when they will find out... I hope it will get resolved as soon as possible.
    Peacocks - I can't believe you haven't seen them before. I remember going to the local zoo in my home town when I was little and admiring the male ones with their beautiful tails. They are such show-offs :))
    Regarding this charity organization - I think it's a great campaign and I will research it a little bit more. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of the first part of that movie - Taken.

    Have a lovely next week!

    Lu ❤

    1. I really hope that they find this plane and everybody who was on it and put an end to it. There must be something that can be done.

      No, i haven't :( but I finally got to seem them up close and personal LOL :D

      You are welcome xx

  9. I really want to know what the h*** happened to that plane... All those innocent people, shivers run down my spine when I think of what might have happened to them :-( And their poor family and friends, they must be feeling so desperate.

    1. I cannot begin to even imagine what their family and friends must be going through. I really hope they find it, it's been way too long and nobody seems to know anything. xx

  10. In the past a view of the farms here in our Bavarian region had peacocks but nowadays it's not usual. Of this cause I understand your excitement really and the pictures are so great!

    For me it's horrible what happened with the missed plane - or not. I hope all the prayers will help.

    I´m thankful this week that my lovely husband and our son, who had both small accidents with our cars, are still healthy and alive and that nothing worse happened. I hope really that this series will stop now immediately!

    Hope you had in sum a happy week and a great weekend. Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you know how much I appreciate each of them <3

    Loads of love,


    1. I am praying for your family Rena, I hope that this was the last accident. Please take care and don't worry.

      You are most welcome. Just be strong and be positive and have faith. Everything will be fine.

      Have a lovely week Rena, loads of hugs and prayers xx

  11. The whole plane incident is shocking I feel for the family and friends, sending love and prayers to them all. Love the photos of the peacock, very beautiful :-) xxx


  12. The missing plane is crazy and is always on the news here in Malaysia. I've only lived here for about 7 months and I always travel so it's crazy that this happened. It's crazy that this happened and my husband took that flight not too long ago with the same airline. Great post.


    1. My heart goes out to the families and friends, it must be a terrible thing for them and not knowing anything makes it even harder. xx

  13. im also praying to hear good news about that missing fight, i really hope the families will get updates soon. and PS that picture of the peacock is really really nice :) when i saw one too i was so giddy and happy, just like the time i held a big baby tiger :D

    1. Me too. Not knowing what happened to the plane and the passengers makes the situation even worse and you don't know what to feel. I still trust and hope that they will be found soon alive xx

      Thank you <3 OMG, you held a baby tiger???? you like to do extreme things, don't you?


  14. Thank you so much for your good wishes and prayers <3

    You are in my thoughts!

    xoxo, Rena

    1. You are most welcome. Hope things are going well. Take care and have a lovely week xx


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