Sunday Market Haul

Peace Love and Fashion top
Hello beautiful people. Hope you are safe and excited because it's Friday tomorrow.  

Have A Nice Day Top

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post. Appreciate a lot.

This is a quick post. Just wanted to share what i bought last weekend.

When i saw these sleeveless tops, i had to buy them. They are so pretty and would put a smile on anybody's face. The best part is they both cost £5 (£2.50 each), that was a bargain. 

What do you think of them? Do you like them? Which one is your favourite of the two?

Long Beanie Hat
I could fit my whole face inside this beanie hat. It is BIG. As you can see, I am already getting ready for Autumn and Winter. I can see myself wearing this hat everyday. Bring it on


I always wanted to buy the Turban but never got the opportunity until last Sunday. I didn't waste any time and grabbed the hat. 

The quality of the material is not that bad. The beanie and the turban cost £5 each

London Girl Nail Varnish

Laval Nail Polishes

Saffron Nail Polish Remover
Recently, i have been going gaga over nail polishes for some reason. I colour my nails occasionally, sole reason being they chip or peel off very easily and i do not have the patience to paint them every now and then. But these colours were too hard to resist and Autumn or Fall being round the colour, i wanted something to remind me of summer so i decided to buy not 1 not 2 but 9 nail polishes. 

The Laval nail varnishes were £1 each and London Girl were 7 for £5. Two of the nail colours are missing because i gave them to my friend. 

The Saffron Nail Polish remover was £1 as well. All you have to do is dip your fingers inside the bottle and the nail polish will come off. Anything that requires less effort, i'm up for it. Super lazy? i know :P


Doughnut Bread
I remembered you guys, so decided to take a picture of this Yummmmmyyyliciousssssssssss :P Doughnuts. Hungry??? want some?? Grab them, they are all for you only. Don't be shy, just grab one (you must be hating me now)

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you are enjoying the week so far and bet you cannot wait for the weekend. 
I cannot wait because it's the bank holiday weekend, which means 3 days off including MONDAY, Yippeeeeee

No matter what you do, keep smiling :)


  1. You really got some cool stuff nail polish i love.

    1. Thanks Jackie, i love them as well xx

  2. I am loving those tanks you got so cute and the turban, I want one tooooooo! Hope the weeks been a good one for you, hope you have a gorgeous Friday xo

    1. Thanks Meghan. I love the tops as well, they are just too cute

  3. That is a big beanie indeed :-O I like your tops though. Have a great weekend!

  4. the foods looks sooo yummiee!


  5. the first hat is sooo big ^^ but the turban would love to see that on u i have a feeling its going to look really great :)

    1. The beanie is massive, i have very high expectation and hoping that it will protect me from the cold weather. I cant wait to try the Turban. Thanks Shayne

  6. Loved The Haul! Great Deals!

    And, I Want Doughnut! :(

    1. Thanks Heena, DM your address and ill post some :P

  7. Cute top! Love this!! :)

  8. Ohh, I love the hat, and the colours of nail varnish you got.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend =)

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks Corinne. Had a relaxing weekend, hope you are making the most of the bank holiday weekend xx

  9. Wow, nice pics! I have just discovered your blog and I like its amazing, Do you want to follow each other?
    Im starting to post daily and I would love to know your opinion, this is mine:

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks Ana. I'll check your blog now

  10. Oh you got some great finds here. Love the tank tops!

    fashion and tea


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