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Thank you so much for your love and support on my previous posts. With your prayers, I am getting better.

Today is all about getting to know you better and getting feedback on Naaj Ronas Lifestyle. I have put together few questions and I would appreciate if you could take few minutes and complete the survey.

When I started the blog, I never thought that I will get so much love or in fact any body would be interested. Thank you!

Homemade Hair Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair

Homemade Coconut oil mask for dry and damaged hair

A major seizure left me in hospital for 3 days with no proper bath or shower and my hair all tangled, dry and a big mess.

So, to get my dry and damaged hair back on track, I reached out to my all time favourite ingredient. 

My Heart Skips a Beat

The Cardiology Department

Remember, I mentioned in my blog post Blood Test and ECG that I've got 24 hour ECG? Well today (I was suppose to publish the post yesterday but I'm having problems with my laptop and the internet connection) yesterday was the day.

My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas wishlist to Santa

Hello beautiful people. I loved your views on my previous blog post. Trust definitely plays an important role in our relationships and is one of the core values that can either make or break a relationship.
My brother informed me this morning that they decided to go different ways. So all the best to them.
Well today's topic is completely different. I have written a short note to Santa. I don't want to trouble him much because I know he must be very busy. 

Is Trust important in a Relationship?

 Broken heart signifies broken relationship
I was speaking to my baby cousin two weeks ago and he mentioned that he was seeing someone. I was so happy for him because the previous relationship left him broken and in lot of pain. Unfortunately
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