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Reader Spotlight: My Holy Grail Items by Laura Jarvis Pattern Design

Laura Jarvis is a Fashion and Textile Graduate from Norwich and is the editor of Laura Jarvis Pattern Design. I like to call her Pastel Queen. She can carry off pastels with ease and make the outfit look effortless yet chic! Like me, if you have a hard time putting together a pastel look, I definitely recommend you to check her blog for inspiration. 
Laura has kindly agreed to share some of her "Holy Grail" items with us. Don't forget to share your holy grails items.
Holy Grail Items by Laura Jarvis Pattern Design

Hi, I'm Laura, a 20 year old from a little village in Norfolk, East Anglia. I'm a 2013 graduate from the University Campus Suffolk with a Fashion and Textiles degree and I am now looking for new and exciting opportunities whilst searching frantically for intern-ships, apprenticeships and more. I'm inspiring to be a Print Designer, as a long term career, but also have interests in Visual Merchandising and Buying which you could say is more of a short term job desire. 
I thought it might be nice to share with you my all time Holy Grail items and why. It’s always fun having a nosey into other peoples belongings and lifestyles so I hope you thoroughly enjoy!
Asos Magazine

Holy Grail Items by Laura Jarvis Print Desing

Holy Grail Items by Laura Jarvis Print Design

With working most days in the city I’m constantly on the go and the Zara mini office city bag is always the bag I use. It’s so flipping stylish and it restrains me from shoving too much junk inside. 
Its part of the basic range and it’s affordable but the best part about it is the cushioned middle pocket which is perfect for your iPad, tablet and so on. Except I don’t have one so I give my iPhone extra padded protection. The only magazine I tend to read is ASOS monthly because it gives me the low down on new items. I’m more of a picture person so I can’t be dealing with mags full of writing.
Holy Grail Items by Laura Jarvis Print Design

My all time favourite scent is Chloe Love and I cannot. Live. Without. It. I think it could genuinely be my signature scent forever. I don’t wear it every day because that would get pricey but if I’m not working I will be drenched in it. 
It smells like the Palma Violet sweets which are also my favourite thing ever so it kind of makes sense to why I love the scent so much. Palma Violet sweets, Palma Violet perfume, Palma Violet flavoured lip balm. Oh dear.
Holy Grail Items by Laura Jarvis Pattern Design

With my hair and skin I have to take great care. If you’re like me and have brittle hair or very dry skin then you know you constantly have to take care in keeping them nourished and moisturised. My hair gets unbelievable tangled after the shower and I was suggested Redken as a great detangle product and as soon as you put this little miracle worker into your hair it straight away becomes easy to put a brush through. I swear by this product. 
In my beauty draw, I have numerous amounts of hand cream for my poor abnormally small hands however this one from my Glossy Box seems to be my favourite because the Lavender smell is oh so relaxing and stops me going cray cray. It’s also connected to the NHS Foundation Trust which I really like.
Smash Box Photo Finish, Mac Lipstick and Bubble Gum Lip Scrub by Lush are some of the Holy Grail Items

Holy Grail Items: Mac Lipstick and Bubble Gum Lip Scrub by Lush

Finally I share with you my most used make-up items. If you don’t prime then it’s a crime. What a giggle. Smashbox is the best primer I have come across. It’s great for your skin but also your eyelids before applying eye makeup and it doesn’t crease your makeup, become oily or anything. I’ve had this for a year and I have a year still left in it, you get a great amount for the price.
Lush Lip Scrub is something no one should live without because it’s a product you can eat? I mean com’on, its sugar. The bubblegum taste is amazing and it always leaves my lips feeling totally fresh and new before applying lipstick. You will have no worries about chapped lips.  In summer, I’m constantly wearing MAC Morange because it goes beautifully with a tan but also goes great with paler skin too. It’s invincible really. If you’re looking for an in-trend lipstick this year I suggest MAC Morange or a orange coloured lipstick of some sort!
Altogether that makes my Holy Grail items and the beauty must-haves for everyone in the world. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for you Naaj Rona, it has been a pleasure. If anybody wants to know more please just give me a shout!


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A big thank you to Laura for sharing amazing products (I definitely want to try the Redken de-tangle product). Don't forget to visit her blog and shower her with love. 

P.S. Due to the reader spotlight series, there won't be a new post tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading.

DermaV10 Hand & Nail Cream Review

DermaV10 Hand and Nail Cream with SPF10

I have an obsession for hand creams. So, when I won the raffle at #BrizBlogMeet and had the opportunity to choose one item from many, I chose the Derma V0 Hand and Nail cream(75ml).

The opening of the DermaV10 Hand and Nail Cream

I did not realise that this was an anti ageing cream. I'm in my late 20's and my skin is definitely showing signs of ageing, so I don't mind using the cream. 

DermaV10 Hand and Nail Cream contains Beeswax, Vitamin E and SPF10

Some of the ingredients that the Derma V10 Hand and Nail cream contain are 
Beeswax: Great source of vitamin A, which helps towards the repair of dry, wrinkled and flaky skin
Vitamin E: Which acts as an antioxidant and fights free radicals that can damage our cells
SPF10: Protects our hands from the UVA and UVB rays that are invisible to the naked eye which causes spots and wrinkles and is suitable for all skin type. 

My hand before applying the DermaV10 Hand and Nail Cream
Applying the DermaV10 Hand and Nail cream
After applying the DermaV10 Hand and Nail Cream

The cream does take time to sink in but once massaged, the cream blurs out the wrinkles giving the hands a smooth and younger looking finish. 

The cream has got a sweet flowery scent. I am sensitive to scents but this one is not over powering and you cannot smell unless you start sniffing your hands. 

The cream does leave a slight residue. I have been using the DermaV10 hand and nail cream regularly for the past 23 days (day and night). I haven't noticed any improvements in my nails though. 

I believe you can buy the cream from Savers, E-bay or Amazon and the 75 ml tube retails at roughly £0.99 which is very good. 

If you are looking for a budget friendly hand cream, I definitely recommend buying DermaV10. It's not one of those luxurious cream but the cream gets the job done. 

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Beauty Haul: Dior & Clinique

Beauty Haul: Dior and Clinique Purchases

This is my first beauty haul. I don't buy a lot because I hardly wear make up and when I do make the effort, the only products I use are; Mascara, Lipstick, Eye and Lip Liners, Brow Pencil and Eye-shadows. 

I have been watching a lot of beauty related You Tube videos lately which has contributed to these purchases.

I went into Debenhams to buy foundation. I use to wear a Clinique one (this was a very long time ago). The consultant couldn't find the perfect shade. The foundation was either orange or pink. I gave up on foundation and bought few items while I was there. 

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions: Cleansing Foam & All Over Clearing Treatment - £15.50 (125ml)

Clinique Cleansing Foam

Clinique Ani-Blemish Solutions: All-Over Clearing Treatment - £18.50 (50ml)

Clinique All Over Clearing Treatment

I am having break outs and they are becoming increasingly noticeable  The consultant at the Clinique counter recommended these items.

The products are 100% Fragrance and Paraben free and is suitable for all skin types. Clinique claims that these anti-blemish solutions will treat existing blemishes and prevent future breakouts. I hope they deliver what they promise.

Clinique Chubby Stick: Moisturising Lip Colour Balm - £17.00

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Colour Lip Balm

I bought the Chubby Stick moisturising lip colour balm. I want to work on my lip collection as it is very limited at the moment and I tend to use the same colours all the time.

Because I was so nice, Clinique decided to give me a free gift bag. I spent around £52 on these item. Clinique had an offer I believe that if you spend a certain amount, you qualify for a free beauty gift bag. 

Clinique Fruit and Cake designed colourful Make-Up/Toiletries Bag

Look how pretty my new make-up bag is, thanks to Clinique. Strawberries, Cupcakes, Macaroons this is food heaven.

This is what the bag included;

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Colour Lip Balm

Liquid facial soap mild // Moisturising lotion // Moisture surge CC cream // 06 pink chocolate quad (eye shadows) // Chubby stick lip balm // High impact mascara in 01 black.

I have realised that all these Clinique products are fragrance free which is awesome. 

Now on to my Dior items that were purchased when I attended the Beauty Masterclass event.

DiorSkin AirFlash 404 Honey Beige - £33.00 (70ml)

If you read my last Thanksgiving post, you know that I attended a Dior beauty event. I took this opportunity to get my hands on their new Air Flash foundation collection. 

Diorskin Airflash Foundation

Diorskin Air Flash Foundation 404 in Honey Beige

I had a make-over done at the Dior Beauty Event and this was the foundation used. You can either spray the foundation directly on your face (make sure your eyes are covered) or spray it on your hand and then apply using a brush. 

DiorShow Brow Styler - £18.00

DiorShow Brow Styler Pencil in Brown Shade

I have started to fill in my brows. I use a pencil and the current one is in black colour, so decided to go for brown. 

Rouge Dior 786 Mauve Mystere - £26.00

Rouge Dior Mauve Mystere Lipstick

As I said earlier, my lip collection is small. This is my new addition to the lipstick collection. I am in love with this shade and cannot wait to wear it.

Dior Contour 943 Thrilling Plum Lip Liner Pencil - £18.50

Dior Thrilling Plum Lip Liner

Dior Thrilling Plum Lip Liner

A Dior liner to add to my slowly growing lip collection. 

I spent £95.50 and there was a free Trousse Pouch for those who spent £100. I was £4.50 short but staff who served me (Thank You Liam) was too kind to let me have the pouch.

My make up and toiletry bags are sorted. These bags will be handy on my trip to Goa which is next month, yippeeeeee!!! I am so excited and cannot wait for April to take over.

Dior Trousse Pouch from my Beauty Haul

I also got a cute little Dior goody bag from the event. I will post a photo of the goodies on my Facebook page, so make sure to follow me there.

What is your favourite beauty product and do you own any of the item you have seen in my post today?

My New Favourite Hair Oils

Vatika Almond Hair Oil also contains Coconut and Sesame Oil

I am very late to join the bandwagon and many of you may already be using these hair oils but better late than never. I purchased these oils roughly 3 months ago and I love them.

If you already use these products, please share your views in the comment section. I would like to hear whether you liked these hair oils or whether they are just not for you.

Beauty Tag: Would You Rather

I was tagged by the beautiful Pooja (name sounds familiar?). She is the proud owner of Being Beautiful and Pretty. If you haven't visited her blog, you should. I love her Home Remedy and outfit posts.

Beauty: Would You Rather Tag

Firstly, I don't use a lot of beauty/make up products. It's not that I don't like them, I don't know how to use them. I tend to get lost and Shayne has told me that she will be giving me tutorials.

Let's start with the questions

DIY Lip Balm: How to Make Your Own Lip Balm

My Homemade Honey Tinted Lip Balm

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know that i had a Lip Balm disaster. I did not have time to buy a new one and the weather was getting increasingly cold leaving my lips chapped and cracked.  It was painful, so i decided to make the Lip Balm at home using the ingredients that were available. 

Let's get started...

Homemade Hair Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair

Homemade Coconut oil mask for dry and damaged hair

A major seizure left me in hospital for 3 days with no proper bath or shower and my hair all tangled, dry and a big mess.

So, to get my dry and damaged hair back on track, I reached out to my all time favourite ingredient. 

Halloween DIY Nail Art

Halloween DIY Nail Art

Hey beautiful people. Thank you so much for your support on my last blog post means a lot to me. 

I am still the same but knowing that you guys are thinking of me gives me that extra boost to stay positive. Thank you so much.

To be honest, I am not a big Halloween fan. But, last couple of days everybody has been talking about Halloween. I thought i will give it a try at Nail Art.

Love My Figure, Love My Fashion

Speaking from personal experience, I struggled a lot in the past trying to like my body. I always complained that I was so skinny, my legs were thin, my waist was tiny and my stomach was flat (what the hell was I thinking??)

Love My Figure Love My Fashion

Instead of comparing and competing with others, why don’t we learn to love our bodies?
Try to give attention to the best part of your asset. Concentrate on the body feature that you love, that makes you happy. 

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