An Evening With Kate Spade New York and Ella Catliff

Kate Spade Event with Ella Catliff

When Ella Catliff announced that she and Kate Spade New York was hosting an event at their Westfield store, I was jumping up and down and throwing some killer dance moves, giggling and blushing. The sight was not very good to watch. 

I was happy, thrilled, excited, nervous, over the moon to meet Ella after my last encounter at the GAP AW14 event. There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity.

Bangles on Display at the Kate Spade Event

Engraved Bangled on Display At TheKate Spade Event

Kate Spade Accessories and clothing on Display

Ella Catliff At Kate Spade Westfield Store

The Beautiful chandeliers at Kate Spade Westfield Store

The Beautiful chandelier at Kate Spade Westfield Store

Kate Spade Purses

Colourful Kate Spade Watches on Display

Bow Shape Watches on Display at the Kate Spade Event

Kate Spade Glasses Shape Accessories

Petal Shape Colourful Kate Spade Statement Necklace

The Gorgeous Cross Body Abbie Bag from Kate Spade

Kate Spade Accessories are to die for. Once you get inside, it is very difficult to get out of the store empty handed. The prices too are reasonable which is what took me by surprise. There are so many things on my wish list. Once I come back from the holidays, I will definitely be paying a trip to the store for sure. 

The glasses style bracelet and the coin purse are some of my favourites but the one that tops the wish list is the Cross Body Abbie in Red (above). Look how gorgeous the bag is. 

Ella Catliff and Holly McGlynn at the Kate Spade Event

The Gorgeous Holly McGlynn

Macaroons at the Kate spade Event

Macaroonsssssss........ Unfortunately, I did not have time to eat any because I was way too busy admiring Ella and Holly and the gorge Kate Spade accessories. 

Peach Cocktails

Drinks and Snacks at Kate Spade Event

Bow Belts

With Holly McGlynn at Kate Spade Westfield

I also got the opportunity to meet the lovely Holly McGlynn who is a street style photographer at Company Magazine. She has worked with loads of bloggers like Two Shoes One Pair, Ella Catliff, Kavita from She Wears Fashion and so on. The list is endless.

Kate Spade Clock Design Coin Purse

There was a competition where we were challenged to style the beautiful Kate Spade Accessories. The winner got to take home the stunning Kate Spade Bow Terrace Justine Handbag. 

You can see how I styled the accessories and also check out the winner of the awesome Kate Spade handbag competition (that lucky person who got to take the beautiful handbag home, hint: you might recognise the person).

Ella and Me at Kate Spade Event at Westfield London

I had such a wonderful time and the treat was meeting Ella Who is just a humble person. The surprise was when she told me that she has read my blog. That is big news for me. I still cannot believe that.

Do you fancy any of the accessories you have seen so far? My Kate Spade wish list is very long and I am definitely going to have a hard time deciding what to buy and what not to buy. 

P.S. I am going on a vacation to India  (coming back at the end of May). As a result I will not be able to post as the internet access is bad. 

I will try my best to update the blog but the best thing will be that you follow me via bloglovin or twitter so you don't miss out on the posts.

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