Happy Easter

Happy Easter - Love, Naaj Rona

Wishing you all a blessed Easter. May the Risen Lord bless you all with loads of Happiness, Joy, Good Health, Wealth, Peace and love. 

Have a blast guys...

Journey Back in Time

Journey Back in Time - Natural History Museum

Lazy Friday

Well, if the title has not given away, i was feeling very lazy and just did not want to get out of the bed and do you blame me??? The weather was crap, with winds blowing at 100 mph (exaggerating) but it was cold AND water pouring down from heaven above in the form of rain :~(  
This was not helping me.

Shoes of Prey - Make your Mark

Blackand Red Hairskin open toe shoes from "Shoes of Prey"
Peep Toe Hairy

I came across this fabulous website Shoes of Prey through wendyslookbook.
Wendy and Shoes of Prey are working on a project together and i am sure this one be as exciting as her last movie "Be Your Shoeself". It is about Flats that wanted to be Heels. If you haven't watched it yet, you should. It's amazing.

Fish and Salad: Twist to the Traditional Fish and Chips

Fish and Salad

 Hey guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Fish and Chips is a marriage made in heaven but I decided to ditch the traditional "Fish and Chips" combo and go for something different. i went with the healthy option.. "Red masala Fish or Reshad Bangde as the Goans call them (the red paste was prepared by my mum. The main ingredients are chillies, garlic ginger and vinegar) and Juicy tomato, lettuce and onion salad...

Why not give it a try and do something different. Rules are meant to be broken, isn't it???

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest if the week.

Fish and Salad

Fish and Salad

Fish and Salad
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