Earth Hour

Earth Hour
March 23rd, 08:30 - 09:30 PM

"Earth Hour", complete darkness
                                                         Complete Darkness

Earth Hour - Saver Energy

Earth Hour - Saver Energy

Earth Hour - Saver Energy
                                                    No, that's not an UFO 

Earth Hour is all about raising awareness about Climate Change and Saving Energy. How we as responsible citizens should be doing our bit and contribute towards this good cause.

People around the world turned off their lights for one hour to show their support towards the "Save Energy" campaign. I did my bit by turning off the lights for hour an half (half an hour extra because i completely forgot to switch the lights back on. Well, i contributed extra than the rest, lol)

It felt like ages but it was great. The feeling you get when you do something good, its indescribable. 
It reminded me of my days in "Goa", where electricity and water is an everyday problem. 

The part of Goa that i come from, you have to get up early morning to fill water otherwise
disaster, you have to go to the wells to fill water or if you have the money , order water tankers.
Electricity was the same and still is, especially during the rainy season. Candles and matchsticks are part of necessities. Oh i miss that, only sometimes :)

Did you guys participate? did you switch off the non-essential lights?

Hot Dog Sandwich 

Well, this is not part of Earth Hour. This is something that i'm eating right now, and its not just any sandwich, this is a hotdog with onion relish sandwich (advertising for M&S, lol) 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. I love hotdogs lol and this sounds like a really good cause, something thats really needed with global warming

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