Cute Little Collection of Mini Purses

We are moving at the end of this month to our new house and i was packing things and getting them ready . While i was doing that, i found this cute collection of minis'. They belong to my wonderful mom. She is so crazy about bags and i always end up stealing her bags. Can you blame me?  

I absolutely love the detail on this cutie. Women playing a wind instrument probably a flute??? with flowers and brass coloured expensive looking vases next to her. the green bead tassels adds extra charm to this little beauty.

This Cheetah print style is perfect for the pennies and loose coins.

Loving the wooden effect, the stitching on the sides and the flower.

Floral mini purse. Loving the colours. Perfect for my lipstick, what say? or may be coins :P

This one is simple yet elegant. The blue and gold plaited pattern brings it alive.

I also found this heart shape pendant. Now i need to find outfits to go with this baby.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys.


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