I Went Out Of My Comfort Zone: Attending #BrizBlogMeet

Attending Briz Blog Meet was out of my Comfort Zone

One of my blogging goals this year is to go for blogger meets or events so I can meet other bloggers. This is completely out of my 'Comfort Zone' but I want to be bold and do things that I have never done before or at least try my best. Keeping this goal in mind, I signed up for Briz Blog Meet up.

As soon as I emailed Emily (who organised the Briz Blog Meet together with her boyfriend Phil) I started doubting my decision. I was excited but more nervous.

Even yesterday (2nd March) I wasn't sure whether to attend or skip the event. I gathered courage (Weather played a key rol, it was bright and sunny) as it was time for me to break the Comfort Zone and do something that I normally wouldn't do. 

Bloggers Chatting at Briz Blog Meet

I arrived late at the event. Long story short; took me an hour to find the location when it's just 6 minutes away and my phone battery died. Not a good start, is it?

By the time I got to Vodka Revolutions (Bristol City) which was the venue of Briz Blog Meet up, everybody had settled in and were comfortable in their respective groups. The nerves kicked in and I started panicking. If you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, you know what i'm talking about.

Phill was very kind and introduced me to Emily. I must applaud them both as they are great hosts and made me feel welcome and helped me settle in. It is a great deal for someone like me. 

Various Drinks at Briz Blog Meet

There were cocktails and other drinks on offer, I went with Orange juice. 

I met one of the blogger with whom I chat on Twitter, which was great. Slowly I started chatting with other bloggers and the nerves and anxiety disappeared.

Lush at Briz Blog Meet

Lush was present and had their Easter Collection on display. I was tempted to buy some items but I behaved and did not buy anything :)

There was also a social networking agency called iamsociable present to give tips and advice in terms of Marketing, SEO etc. They also recorded mini videos of bloggers, where we had to say our name and our blog name. It was fun.

Raffle Ticket at the Briz Blog Meet

Raffle draw was also held and the money collected would be donated to Rape and Sexual Abuse help charity to help the victims, which is a good cause. I purchased 4 raffle tickets 
(wanted to try my luck as I never win anything) and they were £1 each (1 strip for £1). 

Bloggers playing Raffle at Briz Blog Meet

I won in the Raffle Draw at Briz Blog Meet

Surprise Surpsise..... You know what happened? I won one of the prizes. Hallelujah 
There were couple of items to choose from like set of lip balms, customised nail set, face wash but I grabbed Hand and Nail cream.

Some of the Bloggers i Met at the Briz Blog Meet

Me, Alexandra Bridger of Medicated Follower Laura Pettitt of Petitmoi-bigworld Caitlin Kobrak of iamdamnstudent 

Got These Goody Bags from Briz Blog Meet

Some Of The Goodies from Briz Blog Meet

More Goodies from Briz Blog Meet

And More Goodies from Briz Blog Meet

All the goodies I got from the Briz Blog Meet up. There was so much inside these bags that my table was full and I currently do not have the space to store all these lovely items.

When I signed up for #BrizBlogMeet, I had 3 targets that I wanted to achieve.

1st  - Attend the event. 
I am glad that I broke out of my Comfort Zone and was bold enough to go to Bristol for the meet up.
2nd - Talk or communicate
I am a shy person and not confident enough to approach or start the conversation. I am so happy with myself that I spoke to few people (not every one as i said everybody had formed their own group so it was difficult for me to barge in and introduce myself and start chatting)
3rd - Enjoy and have a good time
I had an awesome time at the Briz Blog Meet. I did something that I would have never done before and all thanks to Blogging.

Thank you once again to Emily and Phil for organising Briz Blog MeetI had a great time, met wonderful bloggers, got free Orange juice and won in the raffle draw. This all happened because of one decision, for letting myself come out of my comfort shell and being strong enough to face the situation that I would normally run away from.

Sometimes you have to take risks and cross some boundaries. 

Have you done anything similar or do you intend to break out of your comfort level and become a little adventurous with the decisions you make? 

Outfit Details: Blazer; Asos //Jeans; New Look //Shoes; Zara ( also seen here) //Bag; Primark (Also seen here)

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  1. What a lovely goodybag and it looks like such a fun event, glad you gathered the courage too go! Can't wait to see pics of all your future events :)

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


    1. Me too was so happy that i decided to attend the #BrizBlogMeet it was fun and I had an awesome time xx
      Thank you Ellen xx

  2. This is a cool even Naaj congratulation on the win cool items you got.

  3. I really want to go to a blogging event someday! This one sounds great. Congrats on winning something! :)


    1. I definitely recommend attending one. It is a great way to socialise with other bloggers and get your blog out there. xx

  4. congrats on winning these! and i applaud you for getting out of your comfort zone. i can relate. overtime because of what ive been through ive become anti social, which is somethingi wanna change. atm im still too shy but hopefully someday i can gather enough courage to attend a blogging event on my own :D

    1. Thank you Shayne. It was nerve racking but I'm glad that I managed to gather courage and attend the event.

      Please do attend one as I think it is great way to hang out with other bloggers xxx

      Thank you, I was surprised that I won xx

  5. It seems like a very good meeting and well done for getting the courage to go. I haven't been on a bloggers meeting yet, I guess because I haven't been blogging for long enough. All sorts of professional shows, but not a bloggers meeting ;)

    What do you think - can I provoke you to get out of the comfort zone again and see you for a cup of coffee somewhere in London?


    1. It doesn't matter how big or small your blog is Lubka. Infact it is better to get your blog out there and socialise with other bloggers. Events such as #BrizBlogMeet are great to get out there.

      Sure, why not. Let me where and when. That is so sweet of you xx

  6. Good for you for doing this! It's good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then and challenge yourself. It looks and sounds like you had a great time :-)

    1. Yes, I had an awesome time Melissa. I am very happy that I decided to stick with the decision and attend the event. xx

      Hope you are getting better xx

  7. Congrats, dear Naaj, I can imagine how many power and courage it took you to attend the blogger event! And I´m so happy for you that it finally turned out really great and you had success with leaving your comfort zone <3 Sometimes I do similar things, I meet with new people and try to make new experiences. My blog for examples belongs to such projects :)

    Oh dear Naaj, it´s so wonderful seeing you going your way such applaudable, I wish you further only the best <3

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. Thank you so much Rena. I am so happy that I went for the event. It was great and I had a very good time at the event. Met some lovely people as well.

      Hope you are good Rena. Take care and have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Ah! Glad to hear that u were bold enough to step out of ur comfort zone.. Great things can come out of this u know? xx

    1. True Antionette. I met lovely people, got some goodies and even won in the raffle. Thank you xx

  9. Aw, I am so happy you went, Naaj! It is really hard, but we shouldn't let fear hold us back (unless it's in a life-or-death situation.. that's a bit different haha) and you should definitely be proud of yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. It sure looks like you had a great time and congrats on the goodies! It's like your personal goodies for your achievement :) x

    1. heheh...True Natasja. unless it is life or death situation, we should be strong and be free :)

      I really had an awesome time at the event and it was lovely to meet some amazing bloggers there .

      Rightly said, those goodies are like a treat for breaking out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much xx

  10. It's always scary meeting new people in any situation. Well done you on going, I am sure you feel so much better having pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and faced your fears head on! I'm going to start to do the same. You have inspired me! By the way check out my blog in Spain, if you have some free time and nothing to do! www.theblondeb.com xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Charlotte. It was scary at first but once the nerves disappeared, it was fun and I had a good time with the other bloggers.

      I am so happy to read that I have inspired you. Put your comfort zone a little, experiment and be adventurous. If it doesn't work out for you or you don't like it, at least you tried so there will be no regrets.

      Go out and have a bit of fun Charlotte. Wish you all the best. Sending you tongs of hugs and good wishes xx

  11. I've only just started reading your blog and I'm already so in love! :)


    1. Thank you. i am so happy that you like my blog Marissa. is there anything in particular you love reading about?

  12. I'm only just getting round to reading this, but I'm so glad that you came along, Naaj!
    I had no idea that you were concerned about attending, it really didn't show at all and you came across as being very confident.

    I'm so glad that you had a good time, and I hope we can meet at another event in the future :)

    Emily x - prettypleaseblog.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much Emily. You and Phill were really great and I loved how you both went to every group and spoke to every one.

      i am glad that I attended the meet up. I had an awesome time and still cannot get over the free goodies and wining in the raffle. Cannot wait to meet you again xx

  13. I have heard so much about blogger meet ups but have never attended any as nothing goes on in my place. I still wanted to know how does to be in such an event for the first time. Loved your post and reading about your experience was great! I do not quite have any social anxiety, but it'll be terribly awkward to walk into a room full of strangers and start introducing yourself :) It's wonderful that you broke out of your comfort zone and took that first step! Congrats!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving such beautiful comments! Do visit again :)
    Love your blog too!

    -Sarmistha Goswami


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