Gap A/W 2013 Collection and Meeting Ella Catliff

Hope you guys had an amazing week and all set to take on the weekend. Thank you once again for you lovely comments on my previous blog post. I am in love with the dress, such a versatile piece.
As you all know that it was London Fashion Week and the flagship stores on Oxford street hosted various events, from River Island joining force with Eudon Choi and Rihanna to Lulu Kennedy's styling sessions organised by Topshop.

However, the one that caught my attention were the events that Gap had in store; Fashion Illustration by Cassandra Montoriol, Talk by Julia Yule Fashion & Beauty Director of Glamour Magazine and event hosted by Ella Catliff of La Petite Anglaise (this was the one that i was most excited about).

 If you don't know Ella, she is a Model, Presenter, Student who is studying Fashion History & Theory at Central Saint Martins and a Blogger.  She has an amazing blog called La Petite Anglaise You have to check her blog peeps.

Ella interned at Baron Baronne and Alexander McQueen, helped organise events for DVF and Erdem, worked as Online Fashion Editor for Velour Magazine, and is a regular at New York, London and Paris Fashion Week. She loves Sushi and is a big Philim Lim Fan.


I was so excited and couldn't wait. Unfortunately, due to sickness, i was not able to go on Saturday and Sunday was proving more difficult. I was feeling crap and the weather outside was not helping either.

Somehow, i gathered the courage, got dressed and took off. I got the Piccadilly line from Heathrow. Midway in to the journey, the power went off, can you believe this? I was like, god, please don't do this to me, please, i beg you, please. Minutes later (felt like hours) my prayers were answered and the train started moving...hurrrayyyyy!!!!!!

As i walked inside Gap, i saw Ella. My heart was pounding, i was so nervous, literally shaking.
The questions in my head- what do i say to her? how do i greet her? will she be nice to me? Oh damn i should have got her a gift, oh will she talk to me? 

One of the assistant came up to me and starting talking to me and explaining about the event. Then the moment of truth, i got introduced to Ella.

Ella shook my hand and we started talking, she even gave me a hug ( I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT ). She was so so so nice. We spoke about Mulberry and Temperley's collection, Anna Wintour, Harper and Victoria Beckham, about her busy schedule and more. The nerves had disappeared by now and i felt at ease. She is so down to earth and great fun to be around.

I normally don't go crazy or call myself a fan of someone but Ella is someone that i admire & absolutely adore and after meeting her, i admire her even more. 

As it was a styling session with Ella, this is the outfit she chose for me from the Gap A/W 2013 collection

Colour Block Bib Dress, which i love and reminds me of Victoria Beckham for some reason. The curved hemline and the welt pockets on the front makes the dress more interesting.

There were two people taking the photos and i didn't know where to look.

Tweed Zip Jacket - Something that i normally wouldn't go for but beginning to like the jacket, thanks to Ella. I love the zip details and raw edge look of this jacket.

Another colour block piece, the fiery red and blue bag. 

I didn't get the Leather ballet flats. 

I was so occupied with Ella, that i forgot to take pictures. But, i had an amazing time and couldn't have asked for more. 

Thank you to Gap for giving me the opportunity to meet Ella and a big Thank you to Ella of La Petite Anglaise who was an amazing host.

Have you checked Gap's A/W 13 collection?  If not, you can check the latest pieces here

Have you been following Fashion Week? Which designer managed to impress you?

Has anyone checked the Rihanna's collection?

I am off to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow. What are your plans for the weekend?

Dress - Gap - £39.95
Jacket - Gap - £59.95
Bag - Gap - £79.95
Shoes - Gap - £27.96


  1. I really like the red bag. I don't have a red bag myself but I will have a look soon! :D

    1. The bag is really nice, it's soft leather and has a shoulder strap as well.

  2. I bet you had tones of fun!!

    With love, Bárbara

  3. You Look Stunning! Ella Chose Such a Lovely Outfit For You!

    Love The Fit! The Jacket and Bag Are a Stunner!

    1. Thanks Heena. I love the outfit, already using the bag :D

  4. Oh wow, how exciting =) I'm glad you got to meet her!

    Corinne x

  5. You look amazing!
    would you like follow each other?:)

  6. Great post!! I love your bag!


  7. Oh, dear Naaj, this is wonderful! How great that you met her and that you had such a interesting conversation. So this happening is a proof for me again, that me have to move (out of the house) to enable that interesting things in our life happens :)

    And btw - you are looking really good and I love the choice from Ela for you. And Ela indeed is very stylish!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thanks Rena. i love the dress and the jacket is a perfect match. You definitely should get out of the house :D

  8. How fun that you got to do this!

  9. you both look amazing!♥ cute post!:) I followed you on bloglovin and I liked your facebook page with my personal account (petra lorencová)♥ you can follow my blog too if you'd like;) kisses!♥

    Lorietta Facebook page

    Lorietta Bloglovin profile

  10. ahh so lucky!
    You both look stunning!
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  11. nice post! ^^

  12. Good for you Naaj. That must have been a very fun and interesting event. I checked out Ella's blog and it is so rich and fun blog. Thanks for sharing.

    You sure look great yourself and happy :)

  13. Dearest Naaj, thanks a lot for your last nice comment! I hope you had a great, healthy and happy week so far <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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