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Gap A/W 2013 Collection and Meeting Ella Catliff

Hope you guys had an amazing week and all set to take on the weekend. Thank you once again for you lovely comments on my previous blog post. I am in love with the dress, such a versatile piece.

Lace and Jacquard

Lace top from Misguided and Jacquard dress from Love My Figure, Love My Fashion

Hello beautiful people. Hope you'll are enjoying the weekend. Autumn has taken over and i need to get my coats, jumpers cardigans, boots and beanies ready. Oh summer, how much i miss you :(

Spikes and Tassles

Spike button detail top from Zara

Hurray, its Friday and i got paid (i think ) so i can spend. Actually, i cannot spend money. I need to save, save, save (need to keep repeating this word, so it stays in this peanut size brain of mine)
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