What's In My Bag - Rucksack Version

What's in My Bag featuring My Primark Leopard Print Rucksack

After watching the whole of You Tube do "What's In My Bagvideos and reading countless posts on the blogosphere, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and let you see what's in my bag.

I am currently carrying this leopard print and faux trim Rucksack from Primark, which first featured in my Primark Haul post.

It's light, in trend, spacious and has got small front pockets. I am a sucker for bags which has got loads of pockets / compartments. The hidden pockets are the best. 

Iphone and Apple earphones

iPhone and Apple earphones: I cannot function without my phone. I know I know, the phone case is falling apart and I need to buy a new one.

Purple Jasper Conran Purse / Wallet inside my Leopard Print Rucksack

Jasper Conran purse: I've had this purse for a very long time and it's still going strong. 

Yes, the purse is out of fashion but the quality is very good. In fact, all Jasper Conran bags/purses are of great quality and I have been buying them for more than 5 years. 

Jasper Conran Wallet / Purse

 Again, this purse / wallet, whatever you like to call it, has got loads of compartment and this one has more hidden pockets than any other bag I own. 

The purse is stuffed with God knows what. I should do what's in my Purse/Wallet, what do you think?

Travelex Plastic Wallet with loose coins

Travelex Plastic Wallet: I'm getting poor day by day. All the notes have disappeared only the pence are remaining. Not even a £1 or £0.50p? 

Plain Silver Ring from Primark

This is just a plain Silver ring from Primark which doesn't fit any of my fingers so for now the ring is just lying in my bag. 

Vogue Magazine - March Edition

Vogue Magazine: £3.99 for a magazine is too much. (I will get a nice meal for £3.99)

I got this one for free when I attended the Dior event and it's still in my bag. I haven't had the chance to read. 

Volvic Water Bottle

Water Bottle: I used to drink a lot of water which led to constant washroom visits. The embarrassment feeling kicked in and I gave up drinking water. I am an idiot,  I know.

Barclays Card and Provisional Licence

Bank Card and Licence: I got the provisional licence only to show it as an ID when Tesco stops me from buying alcohol :D 

I don't drink, I had to buy it for my parents anniversary party (long time ago) and the person at the counter thought I was 14. I wish, but unfortunately I am not 14 anymore *crying*.

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitiser: When You are travelling by Public transport, hand sanitiser is a must. 

Letters: London Fashion Weekend and my Neurology appointment finished like ages ago ad I still have these papers in my bag. 

Empty Tissue Packet

You get the idea now that I don't like to throw things away, I like to treasure them. My life is so sad :(  I need to clean my bag and buy new set of tissues. 

Mission accomplished, I have finally published the "What's In My Bag" post. Have you done this tag? If yes, leave me a link to your post because I want to be nosey. 


  1. Haha, nothing wrong with wanting to treasure things. actually, my wallet is so messy because I have all these useless tickets, business cards for restaurants, stamp thingies and very little money in it :P hahah. So I definitely get it :P

    1. Wait till you see what's in Purse :D I have more receipts and less money same like you LOL xx

  2. I have license, credit cards, receipts of who knows when and what, I practically never carry cash since I travel and I said if someone try to steal my handbag they will be disappointed lol.

    1. hahahaha.... I don't carry cash that often. If I have to but something then only I withdraw but my purse is definitely loaded with receipts :D

  3. I just can't understand why you're carrying a ring that doesn't fit you?! :)))


    1. Me neither. I think I was going to wear that ring but as the ring did not fit me, I dumped it in my bag and it's been there ever since. I'm telling you, i don't like to throw things away :D

  4. Hehe! I Too Love Treasuring But I Do Like To Keep My Bag Items Clean n Organized :P

    And, I Love The Bag! :D

    1. I was worse than this. I used to dump everything in my bag and make it heavy and then complain that my back and shoulders start hurting.

      Thanks Heena xx

  5. Hahaha your bag is full of things you don't use anymore.It was like that for me too but now I clean my bag every night! Vogue magazine is even much expensive in Turkey.That's really too much.
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

    1. I try my best to do it everyday but it's just not happening :P

      I was shocked when i saw the price, they are so pricey :(

  6. hahaha i have the same tissue plastic living inside my bag LOL and its funny how they slowly disintegrate everytime you take a piece of tissue paper from it :D why you dont bring your new makeup witchu in your bag? :(

  7. I'm sooo nosey, love seeing what other people carry around in their bags, ha! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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