Primark Clothing Haul

When I moved to UK, everybody kept telling me that I must visit Primark. I couldn't understand what the fuss was all about because my first visit lasted few seconds (Please tell me I’m not the only one). What was your first impression of the store guys?

It is a different story now.....
Half of my wardrobe is filled with Primark Clothing items and accessories. I do believe that their clothing range in particular has improved massively and their tights, well that is my first item from the shopping haul.

Microfibre Super Cosy Tights from Primark

Primark tights have to be my favourite. The lining is super-duper cosy, they feel like baby's bump (yup that's how soft they are). This may sound cheesy but I wanted to buy a pair each for all of you. I even grabbed a few and then put it back.

Microfibre Super Cosy Tights from Primark

This is a perfect Autumn/Winter transitional piece. Wear the tights on its own or under a skirt or summer dress. You can also layer them underneath your jeans to add extra warmth. That is what i do :D

Basic Long Sleeve Black Tee from Primark

This is a basic long sleeve t-shirt. I got one in white but i cannot seem to find it. I wore the white tee for my brother’s birthday party and then misplaced it somewhere.

Black Basic Tee from Primark

You and I can never have enough of this T-shirts. A staple piece and every girl's closet must own at least one. If you don't, you need to buy one today.

Paisley Print Trousers from Primark

This purchase was inspired by my beautiful blogger friend Pooja from  Being Beautiful and Pretty.

Paisley Printed Pants from Primark

So, when i saw this paisley pants in Primark, i had to buy them and i'm already thinking of pairing this pants with my next item which is...

Chuncky Rolled Neck Sweater from Primark

This sweater from Primark Clothing range reminds me of Jessica Alba. The gorgeous actress made headlines when she paired the sweater with a pink chiffon skirt at NYFW (New York Fashion Week). This is a rolled neck sweater but the one Jessica Alba wore was a cropped one. 

Cable Knit Chunky Rolled Neck Primark Sweater

This chunky cable knit can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion . I can't 
wait to wear this baby with the paisley pants. What do you peeps think, would you like 
to see this pairing? 

Primark Leopard Print and Leather Trim Rucksack

As you can see, this one is not a clothing item but I have been looking to buy a non-sporty rucksack for a very long time.

Leopard Print and Faux LeatherTrim Rucksack from Primark

So, when i saw this leopard print, faux leather trim bag in Primark, i couldn't resist and ended up buying. I already have few trips lined up, where this bag will come in handy.
Are you a rucksack fan? I have been converted by Kavita

Womens 5 Pack Silver Rings

Last but not the least is this pack of 5 rings. I wanted midi rings but they were too big for my tiny fingers and I ended up buying these ones from.

That is all peeps, which is your favourite piece from my Primark shopping haul?


  1. Cool sweater and nice backpack great buys.

  2. Love the bag, and the rings :)
    Follow me on GFC and bloglovin ;)

  3. Replies
    1. I do like Primark now not before :D

  4. when i first saw that paisley pants it really reminded me of pooja! :) :) i think you would look good in it, hope you can post some OOTD i kind of miss your OOTDs.

    1. Isn't it, I remembered Pooja too when i saw the paisley prints in store.

      Thanks Shayne. Outfit post is long due, it's pouring down here and i have been busy with hospital appointments so i haven't had the chance to take any outfit or in fact go out other than hospitals :D I will hopefully have one soon

      Hope you are feeling better x

  5. One Day, I Too Wanna Shop From Primark and I Will :P

    I Loved The Rucksack the Most! Adorable!

    1. You definitely will Heena, come to UK and I'll take you to Primark :D

      Rucksack has to be my favourite as well. I have already started using the bag for work :)

  6. Why does this always happen! I swear I comment but my comment doesn't show up! Ha.

    I saw your instagram of the bag this morning, it's lovely and I can't wait to see an outfit post with the pants on!

    Corinne x

    1. I am so sorry Corinne. I have checked so many times to see if there is anything wrong. But i have requested my friend to help me and see what is wrong, hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

      Again, i am sorry for the inconvenience xx

  7. Hi dear Naaj, congrats to your haul, I´m so in love with the great pants as the colours are my favs and I really like this pattern! The other pieces are great, too, I can imagine that especially the back pack will be often your companion in your life :) But I have to admit that I never visited Primark, I think of this cause maybe I´m a bit strange ... but as you know we life on the country side and I normally shop only in our near small town or online. Very very seldom I shop in a bigger city like Munich, but I don´t know if there is even a Primark!

    Thanks a lot for your visitis, I´m always really happy when I discover that you were on my blog, as you are still in my thoughts <3

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Renaaaaa, hope you are well. Sorry i haven't had the chance to send a message or anything. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I am forever grateful for your kind gesture.

      I don't think there is Primark in Germany. Ill find out and let you know if there is. I love country side. I've been to Munich but haven't seen Primark.

      Before moving to UK, i lived in a village so aware of the lifestyle and the hardships that comes with with :P

    2. Dearest Naaj, thanks a lot for asking, although I had a bit difficult time at work now it looks like as everything is okay and I´m still fine :)

      Thanks a lot that you´ll find out if Primark is in Germany, you are so kind!

      Take care of you my dear friend <3

      xx Rena

  8. Primark is my kryptonite. I can rarely go in there and spend less that £100....but I get like two giant bags full of stuff for that so it could be worse I guess!

    1. hahahahhah....i know exactly what you mean, I do that sometimes :D

      Looking at the giant bags gives me the comfort that i have managed to buy a lot than i would in other store. That is the compensation xx

  9. really love primark, what a shame there isn't any around here. although, do you find the quality of the items to be a little below average?

    1. I'll be honest, Primark clothes have lasted more than 2 years for me and i think that is great for the money spent.

      The shoes tend to go very quickly but overall i have been happy with the quality so far.

  10. Wow! Cool haul! I haven't been to a Primark before but I do hear/read about it a lot...!! I also found a pair of cozy soft black leggings at another store in Canada and they are just delightful aren't they :)

    1. Thank you Cachoo. Cozy leggings are a saviour, i love them, they are so soft and cosy and the most comfortable ever.

      Aww, hopefully, Primark will be branching out in Canada soon xx

  11. Seems like you can find a ton of gems there, I am loving the rucksack so gorgeous. Who doesn't love an animal print.

    Meg ||

    1. I'm a BIT obsessed with animal print :D the queues are a nightmare in Primark's, they put me off from buying things sometimes

  12. It has happened to me with a couple of stores and then with time i end up liking that store. You got some really cool stuff. Awesome!

    1. Sometimes, First Impression is not the last :D Thank you Busola xxx

  13. I'm no a fan of Primark at all. I actually avoid it at any cost ;))

    I think the main reason are the constant scandals over their factories and labour policy and the very fact that one of their buildings collapsed with all the workers inside last year. The cheap price comes with a cost, obviously.
    Secondly, I really dislike the way shoppers throw everything on the flow, so if you like something, you need to dig it out of the pales on the floor.

    Not my shop, sorry :)



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