How to make a Polka Dot Cardigan

"Polka Dot Cardigan"

Hey guys, Happy Sunday!

It's s sad to hear about the innocent lives lost in the "Connecticut Shooting". May the innocent souls rest in peace.

Moving on to our DIY - today i will be showing you guys a quick and easy way on how to add "Polka Dots" to your plain cardigan or a jumper.

Tools you need:

- Plain old Jumper - I'm using a v-neck white jumper for this DIY.
- Polka Dot ribbon ( i am using x3 metres for this project)
- Scissors
- All purpose Glue
- Clothing Iron

So Lets get started.

Step 1. 
Take your old jumper and cut straight in the middle (if you have problems cutting straight, take a ruler and a fabric chalk and mark a straight line. If you do not have a fabric chalk, you can use a pencil)

Polka Dot Cardigan

Step 2.
Add glue to the ribbon and start affixing the Polka Dot ribbon to the cardigan

"Polka Dot Cardigan"

Step 3.
Once you have affixed the Polka Dot ribbon to your cardigan, iron the ribbon (add a piece of cloth over the ribbon before ironing) to the glue sticks well. 

"Polka Dot Cardigan"

There you have your new "Polka Dot Cardigan".

 Polka Dot is one of the Hottest and "Retro Fashion Trend". If you are not comfortable, try going for "polka dots accessories" i.e. bangle, scarf, sunglasses, shoes or even nail varnish. Once you are comfortable with the Polka Dots and want to take to another level, then you can switch to bolder pieces like dress or jeans.

Thank you for reading!

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