DIY - How to make a Elastic Bracelet

Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying the weekend!!! Thought I'll show you peeps how to make your own elastic - stretchy beaded bracelet.

Tool you will be needing for this project are;

Tools needed

    • Beads
    • Elasticity
    • Scissors 
    • All purpose Glue
 Step 1. Measure your wrist using elasticity, so you know how much of the elastic is needed.

Step 2. Start adding the beads (I am using heart and round shape beads for this project).

 Add beads

Add all the beads

Step 3. Once you have added the beads, tie x2 simple knots to secure the bracelet.

Tie two simple knots and secure

 Step 4. Add glue to the knotted section and let the glue dry.

Add glue to the knot

Step 5. Cut the extra elasticity and you're done.

That was quick and easy , wasn't it???  Thank you for reading. Have fun!!!

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