Saturday in Pictures

Saturday in Pictures Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

Heathrow Airport Virgin Check in Area

Piano inside the Terminal 3 building

Secretly Trying to Play the Piano

Pink Bow Ballerina Shoes from Primark

Heathrow Express Area inside Terminal 3 building

View of the Oustide Area of the Terminal 3 Building

Red Globe with Aeroplanes and Worldwide Destination Names

I had to travel to the Airport to hand over some documents which my mum had forgotten. No, she is not traveling by the way, she just works there.

Stuff that i had to collect from David Lloyds Gym
Stuff that i had to collect from my gym locker as the membership period is over

Florl Embroidered Blouse from Primark

My Second Outfir of the Day

My Worn Off Shoes from Primark
The shoes have already passed it's sell by date but they are so comfy
My Animal Inspired Bracelet
Animal inspired jewellery bracelet. More of this jewellery

I'm watching you

Hello wonderful people, what have you been up to today?

I got up at 05:30am. When i'm working, i cannot get up but when i'm off, i tend to get up so early. Does this happen to you or is it just me?

I have a very bad habit of checking my mobile phone. As soon as i get up, that is the first thing i do (i know you do the same as well)

So, when i checked my mobile, i had x3 miss calls and a message. Normally when this happens, i tend to prepare myself for a very bad news because 99% of the time it is and VoilĂ ...i was right. The message read: Sh dadz gone......
Message from my friend which reads dadz gone

My best and dearest friend's dad was in the hospital for the last couple of days. He was in a critical stage. He couldn't breathe, so was kept on the ventilator. We were desperately praying and hoping that he would recover and get back to normal at the same time we were preparing ourselves as well .

When i read the message, i just froze. I don't know if i was in a shock? There were no emotions at all. You know when you are in a shock, you become numb and hardly show any emotions. That's how i was.

I just grabbed my phone and called my friend, who is a very strong person and hardly shows any emotions. However, deep down that heart is heavy and and in a lot of pain.

I'm beginning to hate this month. First Grandma and now this.

I went to church and prayed for Pai's soul and also that Almighty god watch over my friend and the family and be their support during this difficult period.
"Pai, May your soul rest in peace".

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a very happy Sunday.


  1. I'm so terribly sorry to hear about this. Thinking of you and your friend and the family and wishing you the best. Checking my phone is the first thing I do when I wake up also

  2. I'm sorry for the bad news you got. It's horrible to lose people we love =(

    Corinne x


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