Here are some Tips to help you with your shopping on E-bay

  1. Do a lot of research about the item you want to buy.
  2. Look for the tiny details that distinguish them from the fake ones i.e for handbags, check the stitching, hooks, handbag strap etc.
  3. Check the reviews of the seller
  4. Keep a figure in mind, so that you dont get carried away or end up spending more.
  5. Check for the current retail price of the item you are intending of buying.
  6. Check the photos and description of the item. See if all the information is provided. If there is something you are unsure about or you would like to know more details about the item, send an e-mail to the person who is selling the item. So you are satisfied and your mind is clear.
  7. Lastly, do not place a bid straightaway. See how many hours or days you have remaining. In that way, it will help you prioritize your needs. If you really want the item then you can place a bid and if you are not really keen then you can save that money to spend on something else.

Hope these tips will help you. Happy and safe shopping!!!!

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