What is your gift to Jesus this Christmas

"Christmas" as you all know is the birth of our "Lord Jesus Christ".

People all around the globe start their Christmas preparation 3 months in advance. Shop owners start decorating the stores with christmas lights and decorations and not to forget the christmas sales that goes on like crazy. People buying food stuff, clothes, shoes, gifts and prezzies for their loved ones and so on......
The shopping does not stop until christmas eve. Everybody doing the last minute shopping, running around for those last minute gifts for the ones they have forgotten about. 
In midst of all the hustle, we tend to forget the "Real Meaning of Christmas", that is the "Birth of Jesus". The one celebrating his birthday does not receive any gifts neither does anybody remember to wish him "Happy Birthday". As always, he is left out again.

So, what will you gift him? He does not want money, cars, clothes, fame. All he wants is for you to live a good life, be helpful to others, be kind and caring, Give, and it will be given to you. All these wont cost you anything but you will receive in abundance for doing them.

 This festive season, give something to the needy, to the poor, to the homeless, to the aged, to the sick. Doesn't have to be money, might be 5 minutes of your precious time. Believe me, that will make a big difference and will bring a smile on their face.

The little things you do for others counts the most and that will be a perfect Christmas gift for Jesus. That is the true meaning of Christmas.

"Merry Christmas" everyone!!!

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