Camille Co for Tomato

Camille Co for Tomato

Hey Guys, hope you are enjoying the weekend. It's raining out here. So, the weather is dull and gloomy and that is exactly how i feel right now.

Today is more or less like a haul post, same as last week. If you've read my previous post Shopping Haul - Zara,  you will remember that I have been doing a lot of shopping and for the first time I purchased something from an online store based in Philippines.

I am very skeptical when it comes to buying from abroad. All these doubts creeps up that i may never receive the items and if i do receive the goods, the quality may not be good and so on.

But, I am very impressed with the service received from Tomato (yup, that is the name of the store :D) and the quality is just amazing. I am beyond impressed actually.

So lets get to the items that i purchased, shall we?

Camille Co collection for Tomato

 These items are from the Camille Co collection. Camille is a fashion blogger, Model, Stylist and a Model. She has a blog called Camille Tries To Blog
Do check her blog out and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

She designs the most beautiful wedding gowns ever.  She is a fierce lady and is not afraid of clashing prints or bold colours. In fact, she loves pairing prints on prints and does it beautifully. If you have problems wearing prints, you should definitely check her blog out for tips and ideas.

The first one is a dress. when i saw her wear this dress, i instantly fell in love with it. 

Camille co Sheer Perfection dress

Camille Co Faux Leather statement belt from Tomato

Camille Co Sheer dress with stripes from Tomato
The sheer striped shoulders, the faux leather hemline which is big this season, the wrap around skirt effect and a statement belt to accentuate the waistline.

Camille Co sheer dress with faux leather hemline
It is a perfect LBD and the latest addition to my ever growing collection, which i am very proud of.  The last one was a jacquard dress with cross back bow details.

Camille Co Paradise Print Top from Tomato

The second purchase is this Printed top. It's called the Paradise Print of the mixed media print. I love the back

Striped top with pink cuffs top from Camille Co

The black and white striped reminds me of the referees in the wrestling ring.

My mum and  I were crazy about wrestling, we loved Rock and Chris Benoit, Mama Sita, Ray Mysterio, Rob Van Damn. The best fights were the girls, Lita and Mama Sita were my favorites. Those were the days.

Sorry, got carried away over there. The top has cute pink cuffs, so it adds a pop of colour to the monochromatic back.

The outfits cost 1,800 PHP (Philippines pesos) which converted into British pounds is roughly £27. That is a BARGAIN!!!  I paid more on postage but still it was a bargain. Because the total came to just over £60 that is including import duties.

You have the option to pay by pay pal or by card, i chose pay pal because it's less hassle and straight forward.

What do you think of my purchases? Do you like them? 
I can't wait to try them on at the moment i am stuck indoors but i am sure, i will find a reason to wear this beautiful outfits.

Oh, i forgot, i got a cute lil bow necklace free and a 15% discount voucher and a sweet little note from the Tomato team. So all in all, my first time turned out to be a good one. I will definitely recommend Tomato and Camille co because the service has been exceptional.

Camille Co Bow Necklace

The reason i went ahead with these purchases was because of Camille. I have been following her blog for a long time and was comfortable and interacting with her on her blog. I knew that if i needed help with something, she would be there to help.

What about you guys? Do you often shop online and if so, do you buy from foreign stores?

If you do, how comfortable are you and does anything put you off? If you don' t buy from foreign stores, is there a reason why you don't? Please let me know in the comment section below.

 If you have any tips or advice for me, I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you so much for reading and hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.

Loads of love and hugs xxx

Sheer Perfection Dress - Camille Co for Tomato php 1,000
Paradise Print Top - Camille Co for Tomato php 800


  1. You purchase beautiful items love the dress. You going to look beautiful in it.

  2. Hi dear Naaj, wow, I´m impressed! Your purchases are so great and indeed cheap! I have never heard about this shop but I think I must immediately check it because I don´t like it always to pay so much money for my clothes ;)

    Thanks a lot for this tip and now I´m looking forward with great pleasure to your outfit posts with this great pieces <3

    Hope you had a great weekend so far and you are healty and happy!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thanks Rena. I'm impressed with myself as well. I don't like to spend to much but Camille Co collection is something i would definitely recommend. You don't have to break your wallet and the quality of the material is really good compared to what I've paid.

      You should definitely check it out.

  3. That printed top is a very fine piece and I can see you wearing it in so many cool ways.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. Thanks Busola. I cant wait to rock the Camille co Paradise Print top either.

  4. Love the dress you ordered, it is so beautiful! xx

    Mónica <3

    1. Thanks Monica, nice to have you back

  5. oooh i didnt know that she collaborated with this brand! so nice to know that you like camille i follow her blog too :)

    1. You are in Philippines and you don't know that, huh?? lol, just kidding

      We have something in common :D

  6. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I loooove it!
    you look gorgeous, love your style!!! I am your new follower!!
    I would love it if you visit my blog and keep in touch!
    I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY these days, so you can join!


    1. Thank you Vicky, appreciate it.

      I will check your blog


  7. beautiful pieces! love them!

  8. The Bow Necklace! Oh My!! So Pretty!

    'Smitten' *__*

    I Loved the LBD Dress.. Just My Taste n The Top is Cute :)

    The Name "Tomato".. Too Good! 'll Check It Out :D

  9. The dress is amazing! Great choice!

    Sylvia @ WorldTasting
    .. follow on Bloglovin'

  10. Hi dear Naaj, thanks a lot for your last comment! I wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy week <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hey Rena, hope you are all set to rock the weekend

      I a bit unwell but fingers cross xxx

  11. Oh this looks CUTE! It's a lovely style, I like it.

  12. your purchase is fantastic my dear!

  13. Replies
    1. Good Friday and have a lovely weekend xx

  14. You are so sweet! Really great Style - perfect for autumn! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog - hope you‘ll come back soon and check out my newest Post about some seriously amazing pocket-watches from „Candy&Grace“ ♡Love, Kyra

    1. Thank you Kyra. Love your sweater girl and you look gorgeous as ever xxx


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