London Fashion Weekend 2014

London Fashion Weekend 2014 at Somerset House

This is my second time (first time at London Fashion Weekend) at the London Fashion Weekend. Just to make it clear to some of you who got confused in my last post thinking that I went to London Fashion Week. I wish but unfortunately i am not that lucky. 

London Fashion Weekend is held at Somerset House after the London Fashion Week is over. The Fashion weekend is open for general public, who wants to have the Fashion week experience and shop designer items at a discounted rates.
My highlights of London Fashion Weekend are the catwalk shows and street style. Last year I was lucky to get the front seat. This year I was right at the back :(
I had to stand and watch the show.

London Fashion Weekend Catwalk Show Tickets

I got Gold tickets (there's are other options as well like silver, bronze and luxe which are the most expensive but you are guaranteed a front row seat plus other things) which included free designer tote bag designed by Julien McDonald (the one in the first picture) filled with goodies, trend catwalk show and designer catwalk show. I also got a free gift from Maybelline. 

London Fashion Weekend Goodies

The trend catwalk was spectacular and the collection showcased were ready to wear pieces. You can wear these clothes straight off the runway. 

Lace and Florals are very much in trend and is going nowhere. But this time, the lace is tough and edgy, rather than soft and delicate. 

The new trend that is making big headlines this year is the sports trend. Jogging pants an sports tees were paired with heels and statement necklaces. 

Sport Trend at London Fashion Weekend
Stripes and Grey at London Fashion Weekend
Sheer Dress at London Fashion Weekend
Jogging Pants paired with Blue Jacket
Sheer Lace Trousers at London Fashion Weekend

I was trying to upload the video but having problem doing so. I will try to upload it to Facebook later on. I'm using my new Mac so struggling with it at the moment.

The trend fashion show finished around 12 O'clock and the designer catwalk show was not until 4:30 (that is what i thought). 

My friend and I were hungry and since we had couple of hours till the next  show, we decided to go to Nandos which is 2 stops away. 

Every time we go out, we look for Nandos first :D so we both were excited that we could eat delicious food and kill time. 

London Fashion Weekend Designer Catwalk Ticket

We got too comfortable in Nandos, so much that we I misread the time. The show was at 4 and not 4:30. We reached Somerset House 4:16pm, by that time the models were taking the final walk which meant we missed the whole show. 

Amanda Wakeley and Angela Scanlon at London Fashion Weekend

I was gutted and angry at myself that I missed my first ever designer show. My friend kept saying sorry, even though it was not her fault. This is all I have of the designer catwalk show :(

Anyway, I should consider myself lucky because I got to see and listen to Amanda Wakeley, the designer who showcased her collection. 

She gave an excellent piece of advice to all the fashionistas "Be on Trend but don't be obsessed with Trend". Wear clothes that fits your lifestyle and is best suited for your body shape. 

Me at London Fashion Weekend
Wearing Mango Trench Coat and a Floral top at London Fashion Weekend

Have you been to Fashion Week or London Fashion Weekend? If yes, how was the experience?


  1. What a great makeup gift and the models all look so glamorous. I love your hairstyle too!

    1. Thank you. I love the nail colours as well. xx

  2. Awesome fashion you look stunning doll.

  3. you're still lucky one.I'd love to attend that one day hehe
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

    1. hehehhe..... It's awesome watching the models walk with such confidence. You will have your's soon xx

  4. I've never thought of going for the weekend event, but looking at your photos, it looks like a good experience. So unfortunate you were at the back though.
    I hope you had some fun anyway :)


    1. You should, there will be another one in September i believe. The atmosphere is great and lot of inspiration.

      Thank you, yes i did have an awesome time at the Fashion Weekend xx

  5. Oh wow, you're sooo lucky! I wish I had the opportunity to visit any fashion week anywhere in the world, it's such a memorable event. I'm sorry to hear that you missed the first ever designer show. Looks like you got great goodies, and you look amazing with your outfit! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


    1. Aww.hopefully, you will get the chance one day Christine.

      I was upset that i missed the designer catwalk show but overall, I had a really good time at London Fashion Weekend. I can't wait to go again.

      Thank you for liking my outfit xx

  6. Lucky Girl, Haan!
    And, You look So Cute,Naaj!
    And Tell Me Something, The Secret To Your Fuller Brows? o_O

    1. thank you Heena

      hahahaha.....You noticed them huh :D you seriously don't want to know the secret, believe me. xx

  7. Wow nice fashion week...u look soo cute dear

    My recent one :

  8. wow didnt know there were diff kinds of tickets that actually had freebies i wish we had that here too! :) or maybe we do now its been awhile since i attended a show. im glad you enjoyed the rest of the show, maybe next time youll be strutting the runway :)

    1. hehhehe....move to England and I will take you to these shows :D

      Me strutting the runway??? no way, I will be mortified to do anything like that :)

  9. i'd love to experience that one time soon! xo j. Stereo|typically Me


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