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Loose Gemstone and Lab Certificate from GemPundit

When contacted me to review their Gemstones, it brought back memories from my college days in India (yes, I studied in India and moved to UK when i was 16. Times does fly by).

I remember that I and my friends use to buy newspaper every day only to read our horoscopes and what the day had in store for us (do you remember doing this or do you read your horoscope?). We read the breaking news and other stories I think only after we all finished reading each others horoscopes (we are well educated students, isn't it? hehe)

Loose Gemstone from GemPundit

It is believed that the type of stone you wear can have direct effect on your lifestyle. I am beginning to believe that this might be true.

When GemPundit got in touch, I was going through a tough time (remember my post, Don’t Know What is Wrong?) I couldn't focus; too many questions but no answers.

I emailed GemPundit asking for advice as to which gemstone should I be purchasing and Shivanghi mentioned to go for South Sea Pearl Super Premium because of its benefits; steady mind, pacifies anger, helps with depression, instability in life and in strengthening the heart.

Sparkling Precious Gemstone from GemPundit

This stone was a perfect match. I placed the order on 4th January and received my precious little Pearl Gemstone on 13th January.

Considering the Pearl arrived all the way from India on a standard delivery, must say I’m impressed. I thought it would take at least a month. To my surprise, there was neither customs delay nor there were duties/taxes imposed. That is what I call stress free shopping.

The Packaging for Gemstones

I was entitled to free shipping (standard delivery) and you could be too if you live in India, USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and Nepal.

Having said that, GemPundit also offers FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE to over 200 countries / territories for orders about INR 10,000 (roughly US$167 and £97 as of 12-Feb-2014)

There were x3 boxes protecting the Pearl stone and lab certificate that comes with every purchase. You have the option to either go for a loose stone or a piece of jewellery in the form of a Ring, Necklace or Bracelet. I went for a loose Pearl stone which I keep in my purse.

Pearl Gemstone Lab Certificate from GemPundit

I have definitely seen a massive change in my lifestyle. I am focussed, no questions buzzing in my head and most importantly I am smiling and not crying.

Of course, I am not giving entire credit to the Gemstone/GemPundit for the change (you played a significant role and I am forever grateful) but I believe that this precious gemstone played a part in getting me back on track and helping me focus on my goals and my dreams.

Sparkling Precious Gemstone from GemPundit

If you would like to purchase a loose gemstone or a piece of jewellery, GemPundit has kindly offered my readers 10% discount. Please enter “naaj25L4E1rona” at checkout.

The website is filled with information and you can watch videos of the gemstones too. The staff members were friendly, polite and answered all my questions.

*Disclaimer: I paid for the Gemstone using my own money and this is my honest opinion/review. I did not have to pay duties or taxes but I would advise you to check with your local customs/authorities before placing an order.


  1. Good to know it's works for you dear..
    Great review

    My recent one :

  2. Beautiful, Naaj :)

    Last chance to enter the giveaway:

  3. Like the Gem Stone and the meaning behind it and wow you right in the short time it took to arrive from India.

    1. I was surprised as well to receive the package so early. It's nice to have good surprises.

      Thanks Jackie x

  4. aw the idea of keeping a loose pearl in a purse sounds cute to me :3 its like ariel the little mermaid, not that she kept a pearl on her purse but the act of doing it reminded me of her :P

  5. I Hardly Read Horoscopes But The Pearl Looks So Cute :P :D


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