Back To Basics: Striped T-Shirt

In the park wearing striped T-shirt and Skinny Jeans

Stripes are becoming increasingly popular and had made their way into the closet staples. The other day I went to Westfield London and couldn't believe how many people were wearing striped T-shirts, obviously styled in different ways.

Striped T-shirt from Next and Sporting a Messy Fishtail Braid

This time, I decided to pair the striped tee with skinny jeans, red belt with gold stud details and black boots with gold details.

I am forever buying clothes in black (There is a story behind it though which I may/may not tell you some other time) and then complain that my wardrobe lacks colour.

Flat Boots from Primark

White and Green Statement Ring

As most of my outfit is in neutral palette, I decide to add colour in the form of a belt and bag. 

Accessories are a great way to inject colour in to your outfit, be it a necklace, a bracelet, a scarf or a bag, they can instantly add oomph and jazz to the overall look.

Striped T-shirt, Skinny Jeans and Bag

The styling possibilities are endless. The striped t-shirt is one of those pieces which can be worn all year round and can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. 

Add a pencil skirt, black pumps and red lipstick and you are ready to rock your date night. What do you think?

Outfit Details: Striped T-shirt; Next (also seen here)| Skinny Jeans; Primark  

Boots; Primark (also seen here) | Bag; JustFab (also seen here) | Ring; Primark

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  1. Dear Naaj Rona, I'm a fan of stripes since a very long time and especially in spring I love it so much to wear such looks :) You look so fresh and beautiful in your striped shirt that you inspired me to wear finally my new striped shirt this week! Thanks for that and I'm glad that you had a good and productive last week. I hope really that this is also the case this week <3

    Loads of love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I'm so glad that I inspired you to wear striped shirt. Go for it, I'm sure you will look beautiful as always.

      This week was good not having a good day today thigh but it all pass. Have a lovely week.xx

    2. You inspired me indeed, thanks a lot <3

      So sorry that your day today wasn't good, I wish you that you will have tomorrow a good Friday like the other days in the week.

      Wish you only the best, you are still in my thoughts <3

      Loads of love, Rena

  2. Your rock the stripes nice outfit looks fantastic on you and beautiful pictures.

    1. Aww..That is so sweet, thank you Jackie!

  3. Totally, strip tee ,pencil skirt , black pumps and read lips are just perfect for date night
    When I am in fought and want to look a bit nice I aj ways wear strips.
    U rock them too, nice belt ..
    Background of the pics is beautiful...
    Need to know the story behind buying black ,I will have butterflies in stomach till the time you won't..
    Hey doll,
    Thanks a bunch for dropping by my blog and for following..
    I am following you back now

    1. Thanks you babe. will one day get to know the story, don't worry.

      Thank you for following xxx

  4. I am addicted to stripes! I love them! I grew up being told I couldn't wear stripes because they were unflattering for my body shape and now I embrace them!
    I love that shirt you are wearing. It is nicely paired. I also love skirts and skater dresses that are striped.
    Btw, I love your hair!!!

    1. I f you love it and feel good in it, then you should go for. Don't listen to what others have to say. You can go for vertical stripes to create a slimmer illusions or horizontal but you can definitely wear stripes.

      Stripes dresses are awesome. I recently ordered one and cannot wait to wear it.

      Thank you so much Kendwy. I love my hair too but they are hard to maintain and are very heavy. Thinking of giving them a chop as it's giving me a headache.

  5. The stripy tee is an absolute classy and must-have item! :)

    Lu ❤

  6. Gorgeous classic outfit! I love the stripes and the great berry-colored bag!


    Erin @

    1. Thank you Erin. The bag is one of my favourite as well, the colour is gorgeous

  7. I love your striped top and what I love more is a touch of colourful bag or accessories to that stripe top haha.Love your bag :)

  8. I am absolutely guilty of doing exactly the same thing!
    I always buy black clothes and then complain that I have no colour to wear, I love your tips though :)

    Emily x -

  9. The Pics Are So B'ful, Naaj!
    And, You Look So Cute, As Always! :)
    Loved Everything From Your Outfit to Your Hairstyle To Your Ring

  10. Ok so I'm dying to know why you only buy black clothes! lol Love the outfit, super casual and chic. I'm following you on Facebook, bloglovin and google+ let's keep in touch!


  11. A simple and nice look. Stipes are so popular now, I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to wear that stripped skinny jeans I bought months ago. HAHA.
    Olive Needs Popeye


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