Cute Little Collection of Mini Purses

We are moving at the end of this month to our new house and i was packing things and getting them ready . While i was doing that, i found this cute collection of minis'. They belong to my wonderful mom. She is so crazy about bags and i always end up stealing her bags. Can you blame me?  

Funky Shoes from Brazil

I was going through the Cocosa website and came across this funky shoes from the Brazilian footwear label "Melissa" and i thought i share it with you guys.

"Vivienne Westwood" Bow Boot

Forever 21 is back with its Buy One Get One Free Sale

Everybody loves sales and when its Sale on Sale, it's even better. Forever21 is buzzing with the Buy one get one Free.

Here are some of my picks from the sale

Floral Wege Sandals
Floral Wedges

What is your gift to Jesus this Christmas

"Christmas" as you all know is the birth of our "Lord Jesus Christ".

People all around the globe start their Christmas preparation 3 months in advance. Shop owners start decorating the stores with christmas lights and decorations and not to forget the christmas sales that goes on like crazy. People buying food stuff, clothes, shoes, gifts and prezzies for their loved ones and so on......
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